The Housing Authority of Clayton County has offered a number of housing programs and initiatives since its founding in 1982.  The Authority has served as a local administrator for a number of federal housing programs funded and organized through HUD.  Most recently, the HACC has served as one of the leading local providers of home rehabilitation services.

Housing Urgency Grant (HUG) Program

When a family goes through troubled times, financially, they need somewhere to turn when their home is in desperate need for repair.  State and local governments have programs to provide a variety of assistance, but those resources are not able to keep up with the increase need for home rehabilitation locally.  Thus, the Housing Authority of Clayton County (HACC) initiated its own program specifically designed to provide emergency assistance and services for urgent home rehabilitation projects.

Responding to the need for emergency home rehabilitation services, the HACC Board of Commissioners authorized funds for an in-house program to do just that.  The Housing Urgency Grant (HUG) Program is designed to provide low to moderate income homeowners with funding to conduct emergency repairs to their homes.  The HACC continues to seek partners, which has included county, city, and community leaders in the past, to help promote and deliver this badly needed service.  The need among Clayton County residents is great and will require continued collaboration and innovation to win the battle against poor living conditions and urban blight.

From 2002 through 2009, the HUG program appropriated $1,095,000 to repair and rehabilitate local residences with structural conditions that threatened the safety and security of inhabitants.  By 2010, the HACC had assisted 183 families with emergencies repairs.  The applicants for HUG funding are served according to the severity of the emergency – similar to the approach of patients undergoing emergency room triage.

The details of the HUG Program and its approach to assisting Clayton County families are as follows:
The HUG Program can fund repairs to a homeowner’s primary residence only, and the applicant’s total household income must not exceed 50% of the Area Median Income as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

These grants can fund repairs to seriously damaged natural gas systems, plumbing, electrical, and severe structural damage. The program gives priority to projects on the basis of severity.

  • Priority 1 – Gas leaks, electrical hazards and ADA Handicapp Accessibility
  • Priority 2 – Sewage, septic tank and severe water problems, health related issues.
  • Priority 3 – HVAC, including air conditioning rehab (summer), furnace repair (winter), and replacement of water heaters.

Grants are available up to $7,000 per house; however, the HACC reserves the right to utilize discretion in the amount granted per job.
All work will be performed by HACC approved inspectors and general contractors, and will be supervised by HACC staff.  The HACC maintains a pool of qualified contractors who have extensive experience in housing rehabilitation.

Grants are awarded on a one-time basis, and must be for the benefit of an individual homeowner.  No organization or governmental entity can apply for a grant on behalf of any individual or group.

In order to address any of the problems above, the estimated cost of work would have to be feasible under the grant amount allocated for each home.  Unfortunately, the HACC has to turn some homeowners away because the projects are not economically feasible.

HUG Program Flyer

HUG Application

Step 1: Consult the HUG Checklist to insure that you have the required prerequisite documentation.  (You may wish to print it out.)

Step 2: Click on the following link to download the HUG Application:

Step 3: Complete the form and upload it here.



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