The Housing Authority of Clayton County's effort will be funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  This project is a community enhancement program.

The primary objective of our rehabilitation programs are to provide financial assistance to qualified property owners of substandard housing for the purpose of making necessary home improvements to bring the residence up to the County's minimum housing standards.  Throught this program the county hopes to improve the quality of life for residents by (1) improving housing conditions, (2) reducing or reversing the cycle of adverse influences which encourage blight and decline of neighborhoods such as dilapidated and vacant housing, abandoned vehicles, junk, debris, etc., and (3) raise the awareness among residents of their obligation toward home maintenance and preservation.

Contractors qualifying to provide construction services under this program should meet the requirements that follow:


All contractors must agree to abide by the following program policies and regulations when submitting a qualification statement:

  1. Show evidence of necessary state contractor's licenses and maintain current all applicable licenses, permits, bonds as required by the program.
  2. Procure and maintain commercial general liability insurance protecting the borrower's property from any damage caused during the rehabilitation of the property by the general contractor or any subcontractors employed by the general contractor in an amount not less than $200,000 per occurrence.  In addition, provide evidence of worker's compensation in amounts required by law, business auto insurance liability in amount no less than $50,000 per occurrence, and Builders Risk, when applicable, in an amount not less than the full insurable replacement value of the property.  Contractors shal provide Certificate of Insurance indicating required levels of insurance.
  3. Meet the HACC Rehabilitation Standards and any other requirements of state and local code and rehabilitation standards.
  4. Refrain from discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familiar status, or national origin in providing services under the program.
  5. Enter into written contracts for work in accordance with the work write-up and sign a contractor's lien release as required by the program.
  6. Provide a written warranty for a minimum of one year from the date of payment against all defects in materials, manufacture, and design.  This pertains to installation on all work funded under the program provided and such warranty shall be transferable.
  7. Maintain a telephone number at which the contractor may be reached by homeowner, inspector, or Housing Authority staff and other parties with interest during business hours or other specified periods.
  8. Notify the Housing Authority of Clayton County promptly of any change of address, telephone number, or Federal Tax Identification Number.
  9. Avoid any situations which might create a conflict of interest or might create the "appearance" of clnflict of interest for the contractor, HACC, homeowner, and the program.


  1. Contractors must complete work required under contract (or 50% of work if making a draw before completion), including change orders, prior to making a request for payment. Work performed must meet the satisfaction of the Housing Authority of Clayton County's Inspector or its designator and the property owner before payment will be made.
  2. All work must be of good workmanship and performed to standard. For example, molding and trim should match existing, sheetrock joints should be finished smooth, surfaces painted neatly, millwork neatly performed, etc.
  3. All materials installed by the contractor must be in compliance with rehabilitation specifications unless otherwise noted. The contractor must provide the property owner a choice of several interior and exterior decor finishes for pain, floor covering, paneling and shingles, etc. according to the work write-up,
  4. Upon written notification, all contractors must within seven working days remedy defects arising from previous work and notify the HACC of its completion.
  5. No contractors or subcontractors shall perform any electrical wiring or rewiring, plumbing, heat and air conditioning, or other specialty trade unless he/she is licensed by the State of Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board.
  6. If work performed by a contractor is found to be unsatisfactory by the Rehabilitation Inspectors, the Rehabilitation Program Coordinator or if contract relations between the contractor and homeowner or other parties are found to be unsatisfactory, the HACC may dismiss the contractor from the program and remove his/her name from the 'Approved Contractor's List."
  7. The contractor is to abide by all policies, procedures, rules, laws, contracts, articles, etc. governing or otherwise affecting the program.

  1. All bids for contract work are to be submitted to the Housing Authority. The bids must maintain the strictest of confidence and maintained with respect to all bids received. No information pertaining to any bid is to be divulged to any source prior to the bid opening. In cooperation with the HACC, the owner may accept the lowest or best bid. Time constraints and other factors may be used in deterring the best bid. The owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids.
  2. All electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work performed under any contract financed in whole or in part by this program must be performed by or directly supervised by an individual with a current state license certifying competency in that construction trade.
  3. No work shall be initiated at the rehabilitation site before a building permit has been issued to the contractor by the local government.
  4. No work shall be initiated at the rehabilitation site before the "Notice to Proceed" has been duly executed. No payment for work performed shall be made prior to the contractor's submission of a Request for Payment. Neither shall final payment on any rehabilitated unit be made before a Certificate of Final Inspection has been properly executed by the HACC inspector. At the time of final payment, the contractor shall submit to the HACC an affidavit certifying that all just and lawful bills against the contractor and all subcontractor(s) for labor, material(s), and equipment employed in the performance of the identified contract have been paid in full, and that there are no claims of laborers or mechanics for unpaid wages arising out of performance of said contract.
  5. Any subcontracts issued by the general contractor must be in accordance with the written contract between general contractor, the homeowner, and the HACC,
  6. Contracts issued for rehabilitation under the program will be two-party legal documents executed between the homeowner and contractor. Prior to starting the project at a pre-conditioned conference, the homeowner will be informed of the improvements needed to bring the housing unit into compliance with the Housing Code. The homeowner's signature on the work order and contract will be construed as acceptance of the improvements to be made.
  7. Withdrawal of a bid without justification will remove the Contractor's name from the "Approved Contractor's List."
  8. No payment shall be made to the contractor until the contractor provides the Housing Authority of Clayton County proper affidavits for waiver/satisfaction of liens, inspection reports (when applicable), warranties and a signed certification of final inspection. 

Contractor Certification Application

To submit your Contractor Certification Approval and registration, follow the three steps below:

Step 1: Downlod the Contractor Certification Form.

Step 2: Complete the form on your PC/workstation and digitally sign it.

Setp 3: Upload your completed Contractor Certification form here.

You're done.  Thank you for your interest.

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