Past Programs

Section 8 Portability (1995-1997)

In an effort to confirm to the County Commissioners that the HACC was capable of administering affordable housing programs, the Authority briefly served as a local administrator for approximately 30-40 Section 8 tenants that came into the County through Section 8 Portability. The Authority’s temporary work in Section 8 Portability was administered in conjunction with the HACC bond program.

HOME Program-DCA (1996-1997)

The HACC also served briefly as a sub-recipient of the state of Georgia Department of Community Affairs as a HOME program partner. The HACC was granted $200,000 to use for substantial rehabilitation projects for homes within Clayton County. Under the state guidelines, the homeowner had to acquire a loan for 25% of the rehab costs, with the HOME Program providing the other 75%.

CDBG & HOME (1998-2007)

The HACC joined the Georgia Urban Counties Consortium at the request of the County Economic Development Department to administer funds under the federal Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and the HOME Program. Under the CDBG Program, the funds were utilized for the Emergency Assistance Grant Program (EAG). This program is very similar in nature to the Authority’s in-house HUG Program. The HACC addressed issues for homeowners in need of repairs to their homes that were an immediate threat to their health or safety.

However, in 2000, Clayton County was no longer a part of the Consortium and the County Board of Commissioners, through local administrative partners, started administering the CDBG and HOME Programs as a direct recipient of the funding appropriated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

As a sub-recipient to Clayton County, the HACC administered the CDBG program from 2000-2007, and the HOME Program when funding was appropriated during the fiscal years of 2000 and 2001.


County Funded Rehab

In 2005, the HACC began receiving an annual grant from the Clayton County Board of Commissioners through their Charitable Contributions budget.  Through 2010, the HACC received $30,000 annually from the County for use on projects that are similarly in purpose to those addressed through the HUG Rehabilitation Program, often layering funds for HUG projects that exceed their maximum limit.

Alternative Housing Program Funding

The HACC often provides grants to like-minded agencies that have a similar mission and purpose to assist citizens in Clayton County with housing-related issues and projects.  The spirit of the Alternative Housing Program Funding is to spread HACC dollars throughout the community with the help of other local agencies with expertise in a variety of program services related to housing.

Some of the past recipients of Alternative Housing Program Grants have included:

* The Calvary Refuge Center (transitional housing and for the homeless)
* Rainbow House (for abused children)
* Clayton County Community Service Authority (CCCSA)
* Habitat for Humanity
* Jonesboro Housing Authority
* Clayton County Aging Program
* Clayton Center for Mental Health

In 2008, the HACC began to take a different approach with Alternative Housing Program Funding when two applicants requested funds that year for rehabilitation-type purposes, which included roofing and plumbing to their facilities.  Because the HACC has expertise in the redevelopment and rehabilitation fields, the HACC provided oversight on these projects, by utilizing HACC contractors and resources to assist with the work that needed to be done.  This approach began a very successful collaboration that served as another example of the Authority’s ability to spread program dollars for the betterment of partnerships with local agencies and the client citizens they serve.

Collectively, from 2000 through 2004, and in 2008, the Authority’s Alternative Housing Program Grants totaled $575,000, which was distributed to other entities within Clayton County to assist them in carrying out their mission.