The HACC Staff Leadership

Linda Valentine, Executive Director

Linda Valentine joined the Housing Authority of Clayton County in June of 1994, advancing first to the position of Assistant Executive Director before taking over as Executive Director in 1999. She has helped direct and implement a number of program initiatives during that time, while overseeing the sound fiscal practices and strong financial position of the Authority as well.

She began her journey in public service within the housing industry in 1989, when she served as a Tenant Selector, working with public housing residents, for the City of East Point Housing Authority. From there, she joined the staff of the Housing Authority of Fulton County, working with Section 8 tenants and landlords, administering portability vouchers, and providing HOME Program Rental assistance.

Since joining and directing the staff of the HACC, Valentine says she receives the greatest reward as a housing professional when she is able to assist low to moderate income residents with home repairs that the majority would not be able to afford without the Authority’s emergency assistance.

“Speaking to grateful homeowners and knowing that they truly need and appreciate our efforts is especially rewarding,” she says.

Those grateful residents inspire her to tackle her greatest challenge as Executive Director of the HACC – to obtain additional funding for programs that allow her to help more Clayton County citizens in need. That goal continues to be her focus as she looks forward to the future of the Housing Authority and its positive impact on Clayton County residents.

Rashonda Douglas, Rehabilitation Programs Coordinator

Rashonda Douglas joined the Housing Authority of Clayton County in April of 2000 as a temporary employee, but quickly obtained permanent status as she displayed a diverse collection of professional skills in a number of areas, from finance to program administration. She also has exhibited dedication and hard work in assisting individuals and families who have been clients of the local housing agency.

Douglas has held numerous positions during her tenure on the HACC staff, from Administrative Assistant, to Accountant, to her current service as the Rehabilitation Programs Coordinator.

Prior to joining the HACC, Douglas worked for several entities, performing administrative and clerical duties. In addition, she worked with different outreach programs in her local and surrounding communities, helping address the needs of others – a philosophy that has served her well at the HACC. In addition to her work at the HACC, she has held several voluntary positions as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, a Team Mom, and a PTO Member.

Douglas hails from Jackson, Georgia, just south of Clayton in Butts County. She graduated from Jackson High School and attended Griffin Technical College, with a major in computer programming and a concentration in business administration. It was the close proximity of the HACC that first attracted her to applying for work at the local housing agency.

Douglas says her greatest reward as Rehabilitation Programs Coordinator for the HACC comes when providing assistance for the low to moderate income residents of Clayton County.

“It is a blessing to be able to give assistance to others in need, so I feel joyous when I’m able to help award a homeowner with a grant for emergency home repairs,” she says.

Douglas adds that she only wishes the HACC could do more, noting that she receives calls and office visits frequently from Clayton County residents who are in need. When she has to tell them that the Authority has exhausted its funds for local home rehabilitation, “it really saddens my spirit.”

As for the future of the HACC and her role as a program administrator, Douglas says she would like to see the Housing Authority expand by developing new programs to help residents, especially if they can create job opportunities like the one she took advantage of when she first joined the Authority and began her career in the housing industry.

For more information about programs administration, contact Rashonda at 404-362-1200.